Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Impulse vs. Effort Pt. 2

"As I acknowledge and feel the past;
I am able to react accordingly & appropriately to the present"

I found this quote in some stuff I set aside to sort through,
And when I read it I realized that

There are times when
I go back to read stuff I write and
I feel amazed and bewildered by it
Because I don't remember writing it

There are many things I contemplate
Before writing about them,
 And there are certain things I write about that
Come out of impulse and
~No thought~
 No insight, no experience, no study

Does it show?

I make a conscious decision to
Write out of impulse and not effort

If I sit down to write and many
Thoughts come regarding many different subjects
I write as much about each as I can
And then move on to the next

Writing out of effort is time consuming
And frustrating
It's empty and unsatisfying

Actually, anything that requires effort feels this way

I think all that is needed to
Let impulse flow through
Is to get out of its way
By refusing to make an effort

Makes sense?

Let go of effort and let impulse take way

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