Thursday, September 4, 2014

Reaction vs. Impulse

I had completed a post before this one
Called "The Spy-Pry",
But when I finished writing it
I realized it was actually a

Which led me to wonder about the
Difference between

And I concluded that a
Rant is definitely a reaction

It flowed out of my mind easily
Just like an impulse blog would
But it was provoked by an outer force

The impulse to write about something
Is not provoked by an outer force, but instead
Truly arises out of seemingly nowhere

I write rants quite often and I've had
To train myself to take a break before
Hitting “publish” on a rant

I’m sure there's a rant or two, or three, or four
On this blog
And if I don't go looking for them now
It's because I want to save myself
From the feeling of deep
Shame and embarassment
For having let myself post it

Reactive actions always tend
To leave a bit of
Uneasiness and regret

It's not easy to build
The awareness and tolerance
To allow a reactive feeling to
Settle down
Because there's and urgency to
Get rid of it any way possible
And at any cost

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