Sunday, August 31, 2014

Impulse vs. Effort Pt. 1

"Take the path of least resistance "
Is the first thing that comes to mind

When I think about the
Difference between
Impulse and effort

Any action that requires effort
Is an action I don't want to take

Effort is taxing, it's uncomfortable,
It's the partner of resistance,
It requires exertion,
And I'm just not into it

Any experience in life that has
Required effort has always
Led to requiring more effort,
Which led me to not wanting to do it
i.g. Going to the gym, taking a night class
Cooking (haha), and sometimes working

There are things we must do
To continue living life that will
Begin feeling like effort, but I think this is
Where we have to change our thoughts;
Because if we're able to
Change our perspective from
Effort to Alignment to allowing Impulse
Then experiences begin to feel

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