Monday, September 1, 2014

My Questions - Interesting People

What makes a person interesting?
Does being interesting occur naturally?

Is it a conscious decision to become interesting?
What constitutes as interesting?
Is it being eclectic?
Is it being eccentric?
Is it being "weird"?

At what point does a person go
From interesting to obnoxious?
From alluring to repulsive?

Does knowing about many subjects make a person interesting?

Does having an opinion about many subjects make a person interesting?

Does not knowing or having an opinion about subjects
BUT still being able to relate to the subject make people interesting?

Does the level and intensity of
Someone's curiosity in you
Make them interesting?

Does interesting have anything to
Do with the actual person?
Or is it solely based on your perception of them?

Do you consider yourself an interesting person?

Do I consider myself an interesting person??


 I consider myself:
And of course

I definitely have much more to say
On the subject of "interesting people"
But for now I'll let these
Questions sit in my consciousness
And hopefully in yours as well

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