Tuesday, September 2, 2014


When I first learned
The idea that
Life is Purposeless
I was a bit disappointed and resistant

I was brought up to believe
That my purpose was to worship god
And dedicate my life to his teachings

But early in my adult life I fell
Out of favor with the tradition of religion
And the purpose I had inherited
No longer fit my perspective about life

The idea of life being purposeless
Came with a feeling of hopelessness
But once I let it sink in
It began to feel like empowerment

To know that life is purposeless
And that the only purpose it will ever
Have is the purpose I choose to give it
Opens up a world of possibilities

To what purpose will I dedicate my life this year?
This month?
This week?
This day?
This hour?
This minute?

This is freedom
This is responsibility
This is power

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