Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Fk Happened Ten Years Ago

I was listening to Teal Swan
Whom I find really interesting
And her teachings very practical

And she said something along
The lines of 
“Let’s face it, we all end up
On the spiritual path because
We were suffering and wanted
To be happy. If we were happy already
We wouldn’t have ended up here”

A statement that I find
1000% (Yes, one thousand) true

I think people who end up
On the spiritual path have
A moment in our life when we

It’s like a moment when our
Stream of perception
Has a gap and we
Realize that there has to be
Another way to live life;
That the constant awareness
Of our emotional pain
Is somehow an illusion

My breaking-point came
Ten years ago
After eating a
“Special brownie”

That brownie was so
Special that I began
Having panic attacks,
Which led me to
Drop out of college,
Drop my apartment,
Move across the country,
Start seeing a psychologist,
And get on anti-depressants

Six months after the brownie
A friend’s mother recommended I go
Buy a stupid book on dating
(I wasn’t even worried about
Dating at that time, but people
Think relationship solves everything)
And so I went to the bookstore
And instead I found
“The Power of Now”

After buying the book
I went to Starbucks and
Was approached by a man
Who saw me reading the book

He became my first spiritual guide

A year later after the brownie
I went back to school
And took a class at
Santa Monica Community College,
Where I met the most amazing
Human being I have ever met

For the past eight years
She has been my
Spirit/Life/Emotional Guide

Without her, my life lessons
Would have remained uncovered
Until my 50’s or 60’s, which is when
People usually begin to
Unravel their past

Without my breaking-point
Life would have remained
Unexamined, unchallenged,
And dictated by 
Tradition and the status quo

I wish you a breaking-point
If you haven’t had the
Opportunity to experience
One already

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