Friday, August 28, 2015

Ten Year Anniversary

This year will be the
Ten year anniversary of
The beginning of my
Self-discovery Quest

Ten years of
Raw emotion,
Brutal honesty,
Painful discoveries,
Frightful confessions,
Disheartening endings to
Friendships and relationships,
Intense panic and disappointment
 When becoming aware of my
Emotional traumas,
Pangs of agony when
Wallowing in loneliness 
And self-loathing

This. Shit. Has. Been. Hard

Many times I've wished
To have never landed
On this journey

Many times I've wished
To have remained

Ten years and I'm still
Unraveling this little
Package called
"My Identity"

I truly wish I could
Stop searching but I
Know it's not a decision
For me to make

Just the same as it
Wasn't my decisions for
Me to begin

Ten years
Have certainly not passed in vain

If I can live ten years more,
I'll certainly spend them
Just the same:

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