Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Turning A Hobby Into A Job

I begin a lot of little projects

They tend to be projects
That need ongoing attention
And maintenance

Like this blog

However, if I'm going to be
1000% honest with myself
As to why my projects don't turn
Into substantial THINGS
It's because I lack the consistency
AND resolve to maintain these projects

It's like I'm missing the arrows that link
Begin --> Maintain --> Achieve

And that's not to say I don't
Achieve because I do,
But I achieve where there's
Already a process in place
 Like school:
You attend + you study = you graduate
Or like work:
You attend + you perform = you get paid

Perhaps I can achieve in these
Areas because I see them
As a necessity

Certainly I don't see this blog as
A necessary part of my life

Maybe that's the key to
Achieving in my hobbies:
To turn them into a
Necessary part of my life
Rather than just a toy
That I can play with for a bit
And then forget for months

Food for though

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