Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cop a Feel... For How You Feel

Learning to pay attention
To how I feel has been
A life long goal

Learning how to know what I feel
And then resolve my feeling
Is an even greater ongoing life goal

I've been more apt to throw
Out the proverbial
"Fuck it"
Than to work through
The motions and look for
The truth of how I feel

The detrimental thing about
"Fuck it"
Is that it's a half-ass attempt
At shrugging off an
Uncomfortable emotion,
Which truly doesn't get
Shrugged off, but only lingers
Awaiting the next opportunity
To show up

When life wants to teach us
A lesson
It is relentless in its efforts

Life is awesome in that way

If we don't get it now
We'll live the rest of life
Trying to get it

I'm into drawing butterflies now
So you'll see butterflies for a while

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