Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Weight-Loss Struggle

During lunch I was struck
By the sight of two
Seemingly happy
Young adult women

What caught my attention
Was the size of their body,
Which displayed an
Over-enthusiasm for all things
Culinary O_o

Up until ten years ago
I experienced an 
Over-enthusiasm for food as well

I always managed to carry around
Weight that wasn’t needed

How do I know it wasn’t needed?
Well because it was visible
(Read: Muffin top)

I equate this excess of weight
With an excess of

Heavy, unnecessary, murky, stale,

Emotional weight that requires
Soothing and accepts
Any form of excessive behavior as
Fair currency

Overeating, over-drinking, oversleeping
Over-sexing, over-spending, over-medicating
Over-cleaning, over-clinging
Any kind of obsessive compulsive behavior
Is food for the emotional pain
That cries out for healing

My body began to let go of the excess weight
When my mind began to let go of the
Emotional weight

I don’t think losing weight is easy
Mostly because it requires a change
Of perspective;
A different way of seeing oneself

When a person loses weight
Without changing the way
They see themselves, the weight
Slowly but surely creeps back in

Weight loss programs should
Be coupled with psychotherapy
And low-high-introspection intervals
For longterm weight loss success

And that is my expertly advice

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