Sunday, April 19, 2015

Makeup Can't Cover You Up

America loves makeup

I love makeup

It’s fun, interesting, and challenging

I don’t think makeup is a necessity
Nor do I feel naked without it

I also don’t think makeup
Is a form of covering or hiding

Makeup is used to conform to

Society's ideal of beauty:
Flawless skin, big bright eyes,
And luscious lips

Being angry about such norms
Is like being angry to be alive;
I find no point in being
Upset about it,
You either subscribe to
The ideal or you don't

I also think it's an impossibility for
Makeup to cover up true beauty

True beauty cannot be disguised
It cannot be destroyed
It cannot be taken away
And it cannot be gained

True beauty just is

We all know true beauty
When we feel it,
Not see it

Makeup won’t cover
A person’s insecurities or traumas

It's my belief that
Humans are absolutely transparent;
Though we try to hide,
We can always be read

We only fail to see each other
When we begin to think that
Material barriers such as makeup
conceal our beauty

Point of my blog:
Makeup is fun

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