Sunday, November 30, 2014

You Can't Add Nor Subtract

For a long time I’ve been
Trying to fatten a list of reasons
Detailing why
I’m "good enough"

Last week,
I laid down to
Do a mental list and add to it
When it occurred to me
That nothing I could add
To the list could ever
Add or subtract to my
Worth, value,
Deservingness or desirability

My list could be ten pages
Long and nothing on the page
Could prove or disprove my
Inherit completeness,
My greatness, or
My lovableness

The joy and relief that I felt
To realize that I no
Longer have to prove
My greatness is
Truly overwhelming

Since then, I have
Caught myself several times
Building a list in my mind
Every time I feel insecure

It’s a coping mechanism now,
Which is a great one to build
But I’m ready to live
From the point where I don’t
Have to convince myself that
I’m worthy of everything
And everyone I desire

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