Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Not Courageous, Just No Choice

A friend expressed
That she sees me as
For the way I choose to
Live life

My only reply was
“Honestly, I feel like I don’t have a choice”

I didn't choose to value what I value

These values just happened to me

I rebelliously follow
What I value
Without concerning
Myself  with who will agree or disagree

I cannot live any other way
I cannot pretend to hold other values
I cannot yield to what I don't value

Valuing what I value
Isn't the best way to fit in society

If I had a choice to hold other values
I can’t say I wouldn't consider
Changing them


Are values that are
More aligned with
Cultures across the world
And they make life...

Definitely not easier but...

Gosh I can't even think of a
Positive word to use because all
That comes to mind is
Boring, restrictive, lacking,
Fake, frustrating, unfulfilled, destructive
Devoid of creativity and meaning,
Devoid of discovery and transformation

I rather feel like
My values happened to me
Than to feel like
I'm following the values
That someone else imposed upon me

Either way
I'm not sure there's a choice involved

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