Sunday, November 16, 2014

Man-Made Concept


What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing?

Of course not

It’s worth all the teachings,
Trials, tribulations,
Chaos, and dysfunction
Because they all brew growth


It’s not worth having
Loyalty for your family over
Loyalty to yourself

It’s not worth denying
Yourself the life you want

It’s not worth remaining in
An abusive family

It’s not worth putting them
First before yourself

It’s definitely not worth
Turning the other cheek

It’s not worth pretending
You don’t hear, see, feel, or think

If you’re family isn’t
Providing the nurturing
Love-thriving environment
You yearn for:

Don’t be a hero
Don’t be a martyr
Don’t be a saint

Your life, existence, energy,
Soul, spirit, bliss, inner-being
Is trillions of times
More important that the
Manmade concept of

You First

Family… Who cares ;)

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