Thursday, November 6, 2014

I Can't Be Alone

I updated my Facebook status today with
“I’m the least busy person I know”
And that is absolutely true

I plan my weekdays the day of, and
I plan my weekends on Friday afternoon

Most people I know plan
Their entire month
A month in advance

I know I’m the weird one when I say
That it seems CRAZY that
People do that

It’s not unusual for friends to tell me
“I really want to hangout with you but
I’m busy until the second week of next month”
(Maybe they’re just trying to shake me?)

Six weeks to hangout with you?
I find that hilarious and bewildering

BUT I now understand that this is 
The way of the world

People like to cram their life with "doing"
To later have the opportunity to
Complain about how stressful and
Busy their life is

Oh the melodrama…

Why all the doing?

I know it’s easier for nostalgia,
Depression, melancholy, frustration,
Loneliness, sadness, self-loathing,
And anxiety to creep in immediately
After a couple of hours of non-doing

So my guess is that people
Cram their life with "doing"
To avoid the Shadow part
Of their psyche that’s ready to
Cry out and scream for attention
Once it’s given the opportunity

Life has taught me how
Beautiful, energizing,
Productive, and insightful
Solitude and introspection are

Until now I have found
Solitude and introspection
Far more appealing
Than a schedule full of people

However, times are constantly
Changing and I feel a Change coming on

(The title isn't about me. I'm quite the opposite)

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