Thursday, October 30, 2014

I Need You

Has always seemed like
A huge burden 

Needing someone and being needed
Both sound equally as dreadful

The feeling of “need” has the
Tendency to feel like a
Dagger in my stomach
(A psychological issue I deal with in depth)

I was listening to Louise Hay
On the YouTube last week
And I heard her say something
Along the lines of:

It’s beautiful for someone to need you, such
A privilege for someone to depend on you

Those words ddidn't really hit
My consciousness until a couple
Of days later and when they did
I ccouldn't believe the comfort
I found in them

I truly felt overwhelmed with joy

I found it amazing that I had never
Seen "need" as anything else but grief
I found it even more amazing that
I had come across a different
Understanding of need

Needing and need is a beautiful privilege

So profound

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