Sunday, September 7, 2014

Too Much Stuff

How much stuff is too much stuff?
Is it when you have to rent space to
Store all of your stuff?

It is when you don’t need it?
Is two pairs of shoes too much already?
Is it when you can no longer afford it but put it on credit?
Is it when you have ten shirts of the same style and color?
Is it when you don’t have time to enjoy it?

I have several evaluators to determine
“Too much stuff”

1. I forget I own it: When it gets to the point
Where it gets hidden under stuff

2. I can’t store it: When I run out of space
To store something readily and neatly
I loathe clutter

3. I don’t use it: When I own something that is not
being used

When I own stuff that fits into
One of these qualifiers I’m getting rid of it

I mostly donate my excess stuff and
Recently I even sold some stuff on Craigslist

Having a lot of stuff is definitely a luxury
But owning a lot of stuff can also be burdensome

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