Monday, September 8, 2014

Choice Is Luxury

I’m still on this "stuff" topic

I wrote about having too much stuff and
I want to go into a quote I wrote a while back:

“Choice is luxury”

Choosing to work
Choosing to take the day off
Choosing to be single or married
Choosing what city or country to live in
Choosing what hour to wake up
Choosing what pair of shoes to wear
Choosing what purse to carry
Choosing what jewelry to put on
Choosing a life partner
Choosing lifestyle
Choosing a career

I think "choice" is the most
Underrated luxury on planet earth

Choice may seem the norm in some cultures,
But it doesn’t take much to observe that
Choice is not the standard

It’s also not easy for a person to see “choice”
When their culture is focused on

I’m not quite sure what is needed
To change one’s perspective to one of having choice

Actually I just remembered a book a friend always talks about
(By a French philosopher. I'll have to investigate the title)
Which says that life’s biggest burden is choice
Because even when given the choice to choose or not to choose
One is still choosing

Also, it think that if a person who doesn’t have choice
Opens their mind to choice, it could possibly
Turn into a sort of mental prison
Where one is aware of choice but is not able to act on it

Questioning stuff like “choice” makes my head hurt
I’ll stop now for now

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