Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Selling Out

I watched the
Frontline episode on PBS last night

(It aired February 18, 2014)
And I was baffled
When the teenagers were asked
If they knew the meaning of selling-out
And none of them had a clue

I think the reason I was so shocked
(I had to hit pause to gather my thoughts)
Is because just less than two months ago
I was telling all my friends how I was
Planning on selling-out and
Begin posting on Instagram

Selling-out is huge in my world

I recently decided to not go to
Any blogger events
Organized by brands and meant
To pay bloggers to advertise
Their products with very specific guidelines like:
Period of time to post
Social media to post on
Number of posts
And specific content

That’s not why I have

Like what the heck is the
Purpose of having MY own blog
To write about MY own thoughts
About subjects I find interesting and
Whenever the **** I want to?

It’s of no interest to me
To make money out of pushing
Products on people

Selling-out still hurts my pride
Posting a picture on Instagram
Still takes effort

It’s likely that I’m taking myself
Too seriously and that I
Have to broaden my perspective
But for now I’m totally ok
With not becoming
Yo pusha

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