Sunday, September 28, 2014

Take Parenting Classes Please

It seems to me that
Parents have a superhuman
ability to abuse every ounce
of self-esteem out of their children
by shaming them to the point
of self-loathing

This is the year 2014 right?

So why are we still bringing
Up children like we're brand-new
At doing it??

It's physically painful for me
To be around parents who
Shame, ridicule, insult, abuse,
Belittle, dismiss, or ignore
Their children

It drives me crazy!
And I'm feeling crazy right now

Please, please, please
Take parenting courses
Before having children

That child you call "crazy";
Just knows you're boring and
Can't help acting out his/her boredom

That talkative annoying child of yours;
Just has a higher IQ than you do

That introverted child
You call weird;
Just has better things to
Entertain in solitude than
To hangout with ordinary people like you

Bottom line

They're far smarter than you and I
And we need to stop beating it out of them
With our boring adult tasks and judgments

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