Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sayonara Body

I came across a documentary
On the YouTube
About competitive sports and steroids

There was a horrific scene
Where a bodybuilder
Was using a syringe with a
Bent needle to pump fluid
Out of his bicep
This DIY surgical procedure
Landed him in the emergency room
Where he had his muscle tissue sliced
And partially removed

I didn’t watch much after
This scene but
I was left wondering
“Why do people do this to their body!?”

There has to be a
Fundamental disconnect and hatred
Toward the body that creates
A platform for all
Sorts of self-destructive behaviors
Like binge eating, binge alcohol drinking,
And recreational drug use

I really have no clue
How the disconnect and hatred occur
But I can take a couple of guesses:
Parental shaming of the body
Media portrayal of beauty
Socializing with peers

What do you think?

The bodybuilder in the documentary
Said he hated being short (5’5”)
And said he certainly had a
“Napoleon Complex”

That led me to believe
That he hated his body for
Not being a socially accepted height and
He showed his resent by destroying his body
“I hate my height, so I hate my body,
So I’m going to torture it”

Sooooo disturbing…

I have another post on the
Topic of Body Alienation

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