Saturday, September 20, 2014

Feeling of Knowing

To have the feeling of
Is so precious, rare, and often
Seems more ephemeral than not

Being able to get to
A place where you
Just know:
The right choice
The right thing to say
The right thing to do
The right outcome
The right move
The right job
The right person
The right gift
The right anything
Seems like a colossal leap at times

I think many of us
Would pay money
To access the
"I know, I know"
State of mind 

My experience is that
I'll feel like I don't know
For a really loooong period of time
And then all of a sudden
I"ll know

The agony of not knowing
Is completely erased
By the sudden realization
That I know

Writing this makes me
Think of all my friends whom
Have been experiencing childbirth
And feel long-term despair,
Which is magically forgotten once
Their child is born

There you go,
I just reduced childbearing and childbirth
To a feeling of not knowing and knowing

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