Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Anger, Angry, Angered

The feeling of anger
Is not a comfortable one for me

It's more likely for me to
Breakout in tears from the
Emotion of being anger
Than to unleash a wrath

But given I'm all about
(And mainly because
Being overwhelemed by
Anger is so darn taxing)
I've made it a point
To learn some coping techniques

Coping technique:

No. 1
Taking a walk really helps
Distract my mind from the issue

No. 2
Writing down what has upset me
Is definitely useful though it's not
Something I can read later because
It looks like a crazy chicken wrote it

No. 3
Working out definitely
Helps burn all the extra fuel from anger

No. 4
Giving someone the finger :D
Even if imaginary Haha

No. 5
Always easy to do while driving.

No. 6
Not talking about it more than once.
Repeating the story only perpetuates
The feeling of anger so sharing only
Once to vent is more than sufficient

No. 7
Looking for qualities I can appreicate
In the person who I'm angry with and
Focusing on the good

No. 8
Oh this works sooo well
Tap into the Meditation Podcast
For some guided meditations

Those are my techniques

What are yours?

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