Monday, August 18, 2014

We Don't Matter

My last post was about
And I also have a post called
Which is about keeping one’s word

Now, I’m going to try to reconcile these three topics and
Attempt to reason why us human beings don’t 
Do what we say we’ll do

The struggle that we have in keeping our word
Is a constant topic in my life
And though my convictions insist that
Reality is quite different

Just right now I have this project
On my mind that I told an acquaintance
I would do for him and a week has passed
Without me getting back to him about it
I suck for that
I know

So given that I have this example so fresh in my mind
I can hypothesize that the reason why we don’t
Don’t do what we say we'll do
Is because we deep down inside believe that
We don’t matter

That the person we made a
Commitment to won’t really care
If we keep our word or not because
They’ll just find someone else

Or that our presence is so insignificant
That no one will miss us

Or that we’re unremarkable that what we
Say won’t be remembered by others

Or that we’re disposable, replaceable, and forgettable

This are the only reasons I can gather at the moment
To explain why we’re so flaky with our word

We don't keep our word
Because we just don't care to keep it

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