Sunday, August 17, 2014

Convictions vs. Reason

During a conversation last week
I heard myself saying
“Your convictions are getting in the way of your reasoning”

Afterwards I found myself wondering 
Where that statement came from

It was actually a personal truth I was speaking
It's not rare to find myself
Not wanting to understand
Certain human behaviors,
Which are actually very simple and clear
To comprehend, if I strictly stick with
And forget what I believe
Should or shouldn't be

One example
Is that I belief that
People should add substance
To other people's life
So when someone like
Kim Kardashian becomes
As popular as she is
I'm like,

But if I stick to reason
I can attribute her infamy to
And I suppose there are many
Other ways to explain
The popularity
Of individuals like K.K

Allowing reason to come before conviction
Is far less frustrating and
Even liberating

I'm sticking to reason

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