Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This Thing About "Loving Thyself"

It is said that,
"You must love yourself first"
From time to time I have found
This phrase to be utterly annoying

If someone is going to tell me to love myself;
I’m going to need some practical exercises
Along with that adivce

And so this is what I’m going to attempt
To do here:
Give TWO practical exercises
That we can all practice on a regular
Basis to show ourselves some genuine

And I won’t  list the regular suggestions like
Get a massage
Take a bath
Buy yourself a gift
Eat chocolate

These are good starting points but
Short-lived and somewhat superficial


Number one
Way I know to show myself some
Is to get connected
With my inner child

This can be easily done through a
Here's one that I like to use
Connecting with my inner-child
Feels soooo sweet and compassionate
And just yum! I love practicing this

Number two 
Way I know to show myself some
Is to sit down for a full thirty minutes
And write down
All the awesome things I've experienced,
The awesome things I love to own,
The awesome things I love to do,
I elaborate on what feeling ecstatic was like,
I elaborate on what feeling inspired felt like,
I elaborate on what feeling love felt like

I basically try to replicate the feelings by
Going through them all over again

I love practicing this as well
It makes me feel grounded and
Extremely fortunate

So there you go
Two easy ways to generate some

Give it them a try

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