Wednesday, August 20, 2014

...No Longer Be Friends

“I hope you understand that we can no longer be friends”

At what point do you call it quits with a friend?
Do you remain in unequal friendships?

Do you have a certain number of
Discussions with your friend about a
Painful issue in the friendship before
You exit through the nearest door with
The intention to never return?

Do you rekindle a failed friendship
After several years have passed?

These are all questions that pass
Through my mind on a periodical basis because
I’m quite certain that the way
I handle friendship is NOT the best way
To secure constant and available

I’m not a horrible friend, actually
I fancy myself a rather pleasant friend
(But we’d have to have my friends
Testify for that to be considered truth)
And I’m accepting and understanding
Of all sorts of misunderstandings and trivialities
But I draw the line at 
Blunt and flat out cruelty
Once I understand that I’m being
Treated disdainfully with
Conscious intent and design
I’m outro, gone, Audi-4000
And I’m out for good
I don’t accept apologies

But this isn’t necessarily loving
Or is it?

I beginning to feel like
There isn't a formula to follow
And that each situation has
To be evaluated
Without reference to prior experiences

I'm not quite sure
About this friendship thing
But I know one thing
Without a doubt
That the only friendship
That has ever mattered
And will ever matter
Is the one I have with

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