Thursday, August 14, 2014

Universal Mind On Fashion Blogs

I put together a collage of pictures from
Known bloggers whose blog appears
On "Best Fashion Blogs" lists

Is it just me, or do they all style themselves quite the same?
Do they all go to the same hairstylist?
The same hair colorist?
The same photographer?
The same locations?
The same stores?
Is this a case of universal mind?
A collective mind that we all
Can tap into and pick up the same
Ideas as everyone else

I like to think it's the latter

The bloggers are from different parts of world
Spain, Germany, Mexico, USA, Columbia, Paris
And it's interesting how they all end
Up looking so similar:
Similar hair color and length
Similar skin color
Similar apparel color scheme
Similar casual/chic/bohemian style
Similar designer references

I like to think that all
Thoughts and ideas exist in a
Place that everyone has access to
And that everyone can pick up
When they adjust their "antenna"
To the right frequency

These bloggers are clearly all in-sync
Check out their blogs
They're very inspiring

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