Monday, August 11, 2014

Positive FEELING, Not Thinking

So much attention is given to
"Positive Thinking"
But little attention is give to
Positive Feeling

I think positive thinking
And affirmations are
Completely overrated and
We all need a new technique
That doesn't make us feel like
We're lying to ourselves

Well I'd like to share something
That I've been trying, which is
~~~Positive Feeling~~~

Thoughts = feelings
And they're always in-sync
The technique is to
Hold thoughts that make us
Feel Good

It make sense don't you think?
Why hold thoughts that make us feel
Sad, mad, depressed, and guilty
Or that we're lying to ourselves

Instead, we can train ourselves to
Hold thoughts that make us feel
Compassionate, thankful, blessed, appreciative
Exhilarated, excited, happy, raptures ...etc.

And this is super simple to do

What makes you happy?
Does the thought of eating a cookie make you happy?
Then go ahead and hold thoughts about eating cookies
Does the thought of working-out make you happy?
Talking a walk on the beach?
Sitting under the sun?
Walking barefoot on grass?

The smallest acts that give you
Pleasure should be your foremost thoughts

Anything that makes you feel good
Should be what you're thinking about

If thinking about that new car you want
And trying to affirm that you will get it
Makes you feel like a liar
Then stop it

But if you already know that
Driving along the coast makes you
Feel awesome
Then only think about that

Positive Feeling
Is where you want to be

Forget the positive thinking and affirmations

Feelings of unconditional love, gratitude, 
Connection, acceptance
Is where the true power of manifestation is

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