Friday, August 15, 2014

Unconditional Presence

Dealing with my own mood swings
Is difficult enough, that when
A friend begins showing mood-swing-tendencies
My first reaction is to
Get away
Fast. Pronto. Now!

But that’s not loving is it?

Not to myself and not to my friends
Deserting a friend when the "going gets tough"
Can only mean ONE thing
That I desert myself under the same circumstances

And if there's a life lesson
To be learned from acknowledging this,
Is that to desert one's self is the
Ultimate abandonment
The ultimate pain
The ultimate betrayal

So to begin practicing
Unconditional love
I consciously chose to remain in the
Presence of my friend

The change of perspective
Changed the dynamic between
My friend, her mood, and myself
Into one of fun and appreciation

So as Dr. Wayne Dyer says:

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