Wednesday, August 27, 2014

J'aime The New Age

I loooove being new agey

It all took off ten years ago
But I truly believe that
I was born this way

I love believing that we’re all
Creators of our own experience

I love creating wish-boards twice a year

I love feeling excited about the
Power of manifestation

I love meditating with binaural beats

I love listening to Abraham Hicks
(Which I consider to be the height
Of my new agey-ness)

I love seeing an “energy healer”
Once a month

I love believing that any dislike
We have towards someone else
Is absolutely always about us
And that this dislike can be
Instantaneously transformed
By giving it total awareness

I love embracing all religious stories
And feeling completely
Free to never practice
Any of them

I love listening to endless hours of
On the YouTube

I absolutely love
Reading, talking, and writing about metaphysics,
Mysticism, spirituality psychology, psychoanalysis,
And I love being confused about it all

I love how new agey feels

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