Thursday, August 28, 2014

I Work A Lot... No Not Really

I've always wanted
One of those careers where
Work doesn't seem like work;
Where you can spend hour upon hour
Being completely involved in
The thing you’re doing;

Where passion is the fuel and
Not necessity nor obligation

I want a career where I can
Schedule my own hours because
I stick to the 80/20 clock

I want a career where I can be
Surrounded by beauty and excellence;
Where all of my abilities can be applied
And where I can develop even more abilities

I want a career where I can
Assist people in accomplishing
Their dreams, I know that seems corny
But I have always wanted to be part
Of helping people reach their ultimate desires
And I think I’m specifically referring to
Entrepreneurial desires

I’m constantly focusing
On what I want the outcome to
Feel and look like

The career exists
Because there is nothing that
Can be imagined but not created

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