Monday, June 16, 2014

$10 Life Lesson

Last Friday I spent $10 on a
Life Lesson

Let me explain why…

I’m starting a new project
And I’m having a sample made
The sample-maker is at

I visited her once
Already and she validated
My parking which should
Have been $10

She told me last Friday
That the sample was ready
So I went to see her
I could just pick it up and
She would validate my parking

Well the sample wasn't finished
And she didn't validate my parking
So my lunch time was spent and
I had to pay $10 for
Fifteen minutes

Life lesson learned:
Even if they seem
Obvious, repetitive, or

I was quick to feel annoyed
But then it hit me!

I had just gotten a bargain on an
Invaluable life lesson
Life felt goooood...

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