Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Open Sesame!

I always find awesome
Parking spaces in Los Angeles
And because I'm into the
Manifestation stuff
It struck me that I
Could accomplish the same
At the grocery store...
Always find an open register

Well of course I gave it a try!

I tried it at Bristol Farms
Which has one of the worst
Traffic jams at the checkout point
(I mean seriously, why are
These cashiers so damn slow!!???)

The first time, a cashier that had already
Put up her "Closed" signed
Opened up for only me

The second time the woman
Being checked-out was
Leafing through her JOURNAL
To find her money
And so the cashier cancelled her
Transaction and rang me up

The third time I found a long line
But just decided to be patient and
When I turned to the left
One cashier had just opened.

Ahhhhh glory!
Precious glory!

I'm going to try the same with

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