Thursday, May 22, 2014

We Want, We Focus, We Create

- Abraham Hicks

I’m totally into the manifestation stuff
Even way before “The Secret”,
Which I think is a funny/fun movie
It makes manifestation seem

But of course it’s not

The way I have learned to
Understand it is that…

Undeniably everything is energy;
Our thoughts are energy;
Focus harnesses that energy;
And creation occurs

A piece of the process
That we don’t often hear is that
We have to honor all
Whether big or small

If you desire a Maserati
And you keep seeing it,
Be thankful for that!
You find a miniature version,
Be thankful for that!
You find it on magazines,
Be thankful for that!

Be thankful, feel joy, and then continue focusing
Even if you don’t get the Maserati
You’re not losing anything
By feeling good and expressing gratitude

Honestly, who cares if it's "hocus-pocus"
As children, it was fun to believe in Santa Claus
As adults, we can have the same fun by believing in

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