Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Coincidence? Not...

We all have experienced
That one situation that always
Seems to “happen to us”

When an awesome repeat-situation
Happens to us,
Like finding money,
We hardly ever wonder what
Brought us such good fortune


When a difficult repeat-situation
Happens to us,
Like getting fired from a job,
We dwell on our "misfortune" and ask
“Why me!?”

Certainly all life patterns
Are intended to wake us up
To a reality that we have been ignoring

The money situation
Could say that there’s
No need to worry about
Money because money
Is everywhere just waiting
For you to find it

The getting fired situation
Could say that
Deep down inside you
Know you’re not
Doing what you truly
Love and you need
To be pushed to find it

Repeat situations are not
They’re highlighted paragraphs in
The book of your life
They want to catch your attention
Get you to pause, reflect, and
Extract the reality
You've been missing

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