Friday, May 30, 2014

We Have Nothing To Lose

What do you have to lose?
Absolutely nothing

Being self-employed is
One of my life goals

Actually, I think that
Have a burning
Desire to embark on an
Entrepreneurial enterprise

I asked a business owner
What motivated him to
Open his second business
After having to file for bankruptcy
Because his first business failed…

He said,
“I had nothing to lose because
I had already lost everything”

I think this approach to life is golden

As a matter of fact, I just remembered
Steven Jobs’ address at the
2005 Stanford Commencement:

There’s definitely something
(I like using that word)
About living with this mindset

I think this is a belief that is
Aligned with reality;
With the truth about existence;
With the essence of the soul

Nothing can ever be lost
Because nothing can ever be gained

Totality is Totality

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