Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gratitude Moves Mountains

I like doing gratitude meditations and
Writing endless lists of things I’m thankful for

It changes my mood for the better and
Shifts my perspective about life

It makes me feel happy

The Meditation Podcast has a great guided
Gratitude meditation with binaural beats

That’s my go-to meditation when I find myself in a funk

Over the weekend I found myself
thinking very negatively about life and so
I laid down to do a meditation and fell asleep!
That's the mind's way of avoiding being silent

Well… when I awoke the negative
Thoughts came back immediately
So I recommitted myself to changing my state

I first redid the meditation and remained focused
Then I got up and began cleaning my place thanking
The universe for everything that I had to clean

And voilĂ !
Like magic my mood was altered
I felt refreshed and like
I had discovered a great way to
Fill my world with gratitude;
By cleaning and taking care of
The things that I'm surrounded by

If you find yourself feeling extremely negative
And can't seem to shake the feeling
Try cleaning and making your space
I think you'll like the results

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