Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We All Need A Good...

We all need a good ol'

Reading, crocheting, painting
(Napping doesn't count)
Writing, photography

An endless amount of hobbies are available
Healthy, soul enlightening,
Heart warming, mind calming hobbies

I found a new one:
Learning Adobe Illustrator

I bought a nice MacBook Pro,
A nice Wacom tablet,
And a nice subscription to Illustrator

I wish I were already a professional at
Manipulating paths, swatches, patterns, and
All the other amazing features
Illustrator has to offer

We all need hobbies that take us to that place
Where time is nonexistent,
Presence is required,
And energy flows

I finished my first illustration today and
I'm very happy to share

This is a design from a previous series
Of posts I called,

I'm so happy to have completed this illustration

Pick up a hobby

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