Sunday, November 18, 2012

Drawing Dreams Series Pt.1B

I'm really into this idea of
Drawing Dreams

Here's a dream I received in my inbox:

"I dream of a wine cafe set on top of a 
Hillside with and ocean view
The cafe has an elegant setting with 
Vibrant bright colors and dim lights;
Which create a beautiful ambiance, and
The place is filled with smooth jazz music"

As soon as I read it I became excited about
Drawing it
It's such a pretty dream!
This is my first try

I didn't like it too much so I set it aside
But after I picked it up again I thought
"What do I have to lose!?"
So I went for it

I used Color Collective for the first time
For color inspiration and I really liked it

I used the post from 8.28.12

I found out about Color Collective 
While reading Oh Joy’s book Blog, Inc.

This was my second try and I like it

Again I used Color Collective for the 
color inspiration

I hope the dreamer likes it!

Email me your dream

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