Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Talk About It

Not until this year did I begin
To share things with other individuals
That I would have deemed useless to talk about before

I think that labeling certain subjects as
"Not worth talking about"
Was more of an excuse to not put
The energy into resolving certain issues
Or having to go through some very
Uncomfortable moments and emotions

It's amazing how we keep ourselves
From releasing traumas that are
A barrier to our growth


I have learned this year that
The sooner I talk about something
The sooner I can begin to release
The experiences, emotions, thoughts
That keep me stuck in a rut and
Make it difficult for me to find clarity

In the last two weeks 
I finally shared with someone
Something that I had been holding back
Like twenty years

It was definitely a topic that
I didn't talk about because
I thought I was being immature,
I was making myself a victim,
I was imagining it,
It just wasn't real and
I didn't want to tell anyone because
I didn't want to be judged as
Aahhhh... yeaaaahh...


The first person I shared it with
Completely, totally, understood me and
Knew exactly what I was talking about and
She clearly saw what I saw in
Just the same way

I can't even begin to explain the amazement
I felt to hear that someone thought the same thing
I had been thinking for the past twenty years,
And this person hasn't even been around that long but
Can already see what I have seen all along

I think this first experience motivated
Me to share with another person and
When I did...
It was unbelievable
I was given terminology, theory, researchers name
examples, explanations, solutions

Just unbelievable
It feels like I lost fifty pounds
Of emotional baggage and

Talk about it please

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