Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Evolution of a Dream

A friend was telling me that she
Began journaling all of her
Dreams and then turning them into
When she said that I thought,
"I should somehow figure out how to use my dreams to design"

Two days later another friend tells me
(Without knowledge of my conversation with my other friend)
That he was going to tell me his dream so that I could
Design a dress based off of it
I dunno...
But I'm putting the idea to work

The dream went a little something like this:

"I was looking in the mirror when I saw a blackhead on my nose
I started squeezing it and it began to come out 
Like a vine
As it came out it became thicker and thicker with leaves
It was black
I was choking as it was coming out of my nose"

All I did was reread the the dream and
Then just kept it in my mind as I drew
I think I was trying too hard at the beginning

It felt forced and it looks forced
It doesn't look like something I would draw

But I continued because I had 
No clue what I was doing anyway :)
I thought I would try it with blue
Fail :(
The markers I used were bleeding and
It just wasn't working 
So I decided to change the design because
Long dresses aren't really my style anyway
I liked the second design a little bit more but it wasn't right
My drawing skills are limited as it is already
So trying to make something
Out of very little is a challenge

And so I changed the design a third time and
I love it!
I'm happy
I want to wear it

I would explain what part of the dream
Belongs to what part of the dress but
I'll let you come up with your own conclusions

I'll turn it into a design

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