Wednesday, April 23, 2014

South Beach The Great


Beautiful Beaches
Art Deco
Latin Influence
Wet Willies

Why don't we have this in Los Angeles?
I mean, who doesn't want frozen daiquiris at 11:00AM?

Gutted Art Deco buildings galore
They can't be knocked down
They can be gutted, but the shell must remain

I think anyone that loves Art Deco
Appreciates this, which I do

My first time staying at a hostel

I recommend it if all you're trying to do is PARTY
Because party you will

I noticed that in Miami everything is a little more...
Like this colorful lifeguard tower

Also, I had the feeling that a lot of things were...
What's the politically correct term?...
Like this functional register
At Puerto Sagua Restaurant
Great Cuban Cuisine

I found Miami to be very interesting
The people were very friendly,
Very diverse,
And not very local

Just like in Los Angeles;
Everyone is an import

And I learned this sweet trick from a motorcyclist:
If you ever lose your license plate tags
Just get the nearest piece of cardboard,
A Sharpie, and some legible writing
And voile!
You got your self a replacement

I'm almost certain this is illegal


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