Friday, November 15, 2013

This Red Thing Is Cramping My Style!

I haven't been here in a while. 
Clearly, I'm not cutout for this blogging stuff BUT I try

Here we go...
I decided to embark on a refurbishing enterprise

I want my apartment to have a
Feel to it and 
This bright red bookcase was just
Ruining all possibilities of modern-shabby-chic!
So I headed over to Home Depot,
Tackled down the nearest sales associate in the
Paint department, and drilled him with all the
Questions I had

I came out with these supplies and some 
Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint And Primer In One

I decided to first build myself a 
~Plastic Fortress~
To keep in all the dust from scuffing
Aka light sanding

Only one problem..
I used painters tape to secure the plastic to the
Ceiling and walls and when I went to check it the next morning
I got this

Darn plastic fortress!!

I gave up on the fortress and just went to work

It got messy but it didn't get ugly

It dried fairly quick so I finished it up in about eight hours
(Dinning out with my cousin is included in those eight hours. 
I had paint on my nails, hands, elbows, legs...)

And Voile!

The new bookcase

Ahhhh such a relaxing color...
The red was screaming, 
"Geronimo! Yabbah Dabah Doo! Arrrrghh!"
And the light light blue is whispering,
"Wooosaahh, angels, breathe, unicorns, relaxation"

I also changed the door knobs to these super cute glass and gold beauties

ONE minor issue
(Or major depending on your anal-ism-istic levels)
I think the bookcase needed thorough sanding and
Not only scuffing because the paint comes off O_O
Yah, I'll live with it...
For now

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