Friday, February 22, 2013

The Lash - New Nightclub in Downtown Los Angeles

Luck struck again and I
Got invited to the opening night of a
New nightclub in good ol'
Downtown Los Angeles

The following is found on their menu:
"A concept club/bar/social space
Located in the historic core of 
Downtown LA
The Lash is founded and operated by
Irish musician Ross O'Carroll
The space was designed by
Creative Director/Visual Artist Erik Hart
And his creative studio Atelier/Projects"

While I was there, I honestly felt like I had entered a
Twilight Zone
A very good twilight zone ;)
 The club had a very unique & cool vibe

The drink I had was great
It's called
"Dark and Stormy"
Kraken Rum, Cock+Bull ginger beer, fresh lime juice, and ginger root

It is a very unique club and unlike anything
I have ever visited in Downtown Los Angeles

Oh, and for the ladies who like wearing
Mega super high heels like myself;
There's plenty of sitting available

I wish I could show you the inside because
It's actually very cool but it's not
Quite complete yet, so I don't
Want to show you and unfinished product
You deserve the complete picture ;)

Visit their website and sign up for updates

This blog entry is coming to you a bit late. 
This occurred February 1, 2013

I'm currently trying to make some big changes
In my life so I have to prioritize my time

 But I think about my blog everyday

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