Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Vanity Table Decorating Project

Here's my vanity table!
It's still a work in progress but I want
To share what I have accomplished
Definitely this is a vanity table on a budget
Ikea was the hero of this decorating story

But then again, isn't Ikea always the hero of any
Budget decorating story?
This is how it all began
I added some Christmas lights because
I felt like I could use some more light
But they didn't work too well

It looks like they should have by looking at this picture
I moved the lights to the bottom
And draped this doily tablecloth over the table

But I wasn't much pleased
It's not on there anymore
That one spotlight that I bought from Ikea
Works wonders
I don't need anything more
All of my hair supplies fit nicely inside this box
I like how everything is inside a box and nothing
Is left to sit on top of the table

I loathe clutter
I wanted to be able to turn on
The lights of the table with convenience and ease

I first used doubled-sided to tape
This power outlet strip 
Onto the bottom of the table and it worked 
Great until I turned on the heater and the tape
Began to come off

I hot-glued it next and that has worked just fine

Double-sided tape is my go-to adhesive
Growing up I witnessed my grandmother
Put hot-glue on everything
I know other people who use gorilla glue
As their go-to adhesive
And my most hated item: Velcro. Ugh.
I understand the convenience of Velcro but
I'm a girl that likes to wear tights year round and
Velcro is the enemy to my tights

Anyway, there you go!
A peek into my vanity table project


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