Monday, January 7, 2013

DIY Dolce & Gabbana Inspired Clutch

I'm a big fan of wish-boards and visual inspirations
I always have some posted on my bedroom walls

So for the beginning of 2013 I made sure to create
My wish-board and while I was flipping through magazines
I found this Dolce & Gabbana beaded clutch and
Became inspired to create one for myself
So gaudy and so so me!

I happened to have everything I needed at home
This was a birthday gift several years ago and
I thought it was the perfect size and color
To create my Dolce & Gabbana inspired cluctch
I was planning on keeping the flowers but it didn't look right
So I got rid of them
I think I'll be able to use them for another project
Here is the finished product!
I added the beads to the chain and the hooks at the end
I'm crafty, what can I say
 I added a ring to the right side of the wallet so
That I could use it as a purse
 And voilĂ !

I was so proud of myself for completing this project

I consider it a blessing to have
The desire, the will, the tools, the know-how, and
The energy to create this clutch for myself
I don't take any of these blessing for granted

That's for sure

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