Monday, February 10, 2014

I Like To Say That...

I like to say that when "Life gets boring, life gets interesting".

And it's usually not a good interesting.

Boredom is the warning sign,
The yellow light before the red.

Boredom is meant to wake you up!
Out of your routine,
Your mundane life, 
Your self-destruction,
Your self-abandonment.

Boredom tells you to come back to LIFE.

So because I began feeling bored three weeks ago
I am here

And it's not that I'm sitting at home being a bum
My schedule is packed

My boredom doesn't stem from inactivity
It stems from abandoning what is important to me
Writing, drawing, and exercising
All of these were missing for about four months

So once I felt boredom creeping in I was like,
"You're not driving me into depression,
Self-loathing and addiction!"
I shall use you boredom as the tool you are and
I will begin doing what I love to do

Check out how she has an extra long arm and no hand

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