Wednesday, October 17, 2012

These Are My Confessions Series Pt.1

If Usher can have "confessions" so can I
So I'm creating
"These Are My Confessions Series"

Here goes the first one

I have to confess 
That I have fallen victim to....


The horror!!

I truly have!
I only frequent stores where I fit the smallest size O_o
I won't buy anything that is a size above what I LIKE to wear
I won't even try it on if it looks small but is marked with a size above "my" size

I bought a skirt this past weekend that is not necessarily super cute
But the deciding factor was that it was a super small size
Go on

I know that the fashion industry is notorious for sizing apparel with a
Smaller size to stroke the insecurities of folks like me and
They got me! 

When I worked retail I couldn't believe that women would not buy a 
Size 2 because according to them they wore a size 0
It was soooo annoying -_-
But lookie lookie who's in that position now

The curious thing is that I'm completely aware that
It's a strategy the industry uses;
Sizing is not consistent across brands or within the brand itself;
And what matters is how the item fits 
Regardless if it's a size 0/X-Small or a 12/X-Large

I need to join

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