Thursday, October 18, 2012

Looking for a passion: "Styling Session"

While still on my search for a "passion" I began to
Think about the things that I'm naturally good at

If there's one thing I know how to do very well
Is to make a little go a looooong way
"How to make a dollar out of fifteen cents"

I get the most creative when I have the least to work with
I don't like a lot of clothes so I'm always
Giving away what I don't use and giving overtime to what I do wear
I also like for everything to be visible because I LOATHE forgetting
What I have and not using everything I own
(Photos of my closet coming very soon)

I had the idea last Sunday to retain myself a willing subject
Who would let me style her

The willing subject turned out being my gorgeous cousin and
We had a lot of fun during my first styling session :)

Here are some outfits out of three essential pieces:
A sheer long-sleeve collared shirt
A dress and
A skirt

I love this vermilion color

This dress is very light and comfortable to wear
The print gives it a lot of personality too

The dress tucked into a skirt wasn't bulky
Because of the lightness of the dress

I know tying anything around the waist is frowned upon
So I couldn't decide if I liked it or not.
But I liked the feeling of uncertainty
So I decided it was worth showing :)
It looks cool from the back no?
What do you think?
I'm really into the halfway tucked-in shirt look

This color & texture combination tickle my fancy
LOVE this outfit
I'm a dress and tights type-of-girl so when the
Weather begins to allow for tights I wear them in all different colors

The razor back of this dress makes the combination
With the shirt look awesome
Buttoning the shirt all the way to the top gives the outfit
A bit of a nerdy look, which is always good in my book
Lose the tights, wear the shirt on top of the dress,
Bring down one button, wrap a belt around your waist, and

It was her idea to take a silly picture
Silliness runs in the family

I really liked doing this!

I'll definitely have more posts showing how to wear
Several pieces in different ways

I would also like to recruit some of my other friends
Maybe they'll even let me go into their closet and use their own apparel

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